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Three volumes in the series "LGBTQ Life" for Mason Crest Publishers.

  • LGBTQ Without Borders: International Life
  • You Are Not Alone: Finding Your LGBTQ Community
  • Body and Mind: LGBTQ Health Issues.

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Three volumes in the series "Gender Identities and Sexual Expressions" for Mason Crest Publishers.

  • Asexual
  • Intersex
  • Gender Expansive

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The Future of Solar Power

As of the end of 2020, solar power continues to be a relatively small portion of the energy supply of the United States. Just under 3% of the country’s power comes from the sun. Now, before the naysayers dismiss the industry as insignificant, let’s point out the fact that solar was under 1% just four short years previous. The direction and speed of change are undeniable. I refuse to say “the future of solar power is bright” because that’s hokey, but well… it’s kind of true.

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Internet Fact-checking 101

This isn’t exactly the Information Age we were promised. Instead of a bottomless well of the wisdom of the ages, we find ourselves wading through a swamp of misinformation and ignorance. Maybe we should be calling it the Misinformation Age.

In the Misinformation Age, distinguishing between fact and fiction is an essential skill. We should teach fact-checking in schools. For all the talk about “fake news,” very little guidance on how to sift through what we are reading and hearing is available. In the Misinformation Age, we have to take it upon ourselves to check the info we are consuming.

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Community, At Its Best

The building is gray and covered in graffiti – a quintessential fading communist-era structure. There’s a sign over the door that leads downstairs into a basement club. It’s dark and hazy with cigarette smoke. The music is loud: techno and dance remixes of pop songs, like just about any gay club anywhere. The bar is lit by colored lights in Absolut bottles hanging from the ceiling. Beyond is the dance floor with spinning spotlights and beyond that a lounge. And here, in the dark, in the smoke, in the basement, no one cares that you’re different.

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Web Developer


Front End Web Development Nanodegree | Udacity | 2020

University Courses in Web Development | Oregon State University | 2013-14




Javascript, Node.js, Sass

Javascript, Node.js, Sass



Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Suite


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MS Global Technology and Development

Arizona State University, 2017

Graduate of the Year, School for the Future of Innovation in Society

BS Political Science

Oregon State University, 2014


Designed, conducted, and analyzed original research conducted in five countries across Central and Eastern Europe.

The research involved conducting over fifty qualitative, long-form interviews. 

To find out more, you can read an article from the university website here or visit my blog at


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