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The Future of Solar Power

Solar power continues to be a relatively small portion of the energy supply of the United States with about 3.4% of the country’s power coming from the sun. But before the naysayers dismiss the industry as insignificant, let’s point out the fact that solar was under 1% just a few short years ago. In addition, some state governments have been showing the potential for wider adoption of solar, with California leading the pack. The state draws an impressive 27% of its power from the sun.

The direction and speed of change are undeniable. In fact, solar power accounted for half of all new utility power generation in 2022. I refuse to say “the future of solar is bright” because that’s hokey, but well… it’s kind of true.

8 First Steps for Making Your Business Sustainable

Sustainability is one of the buzziest of the buzzwords in today’s business world. That is not to say that it is a fly-by-night passing trend. The ideas behind the sustainability movement have been percolating for decades, with every year creating more urgency and greater awareness among the business world and consumers alike.

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Taxes for Contractors and Freelancers

Few things unite us together as Americans more than a shared distaste for preparing our tax returns. Income tax can be complicated for a lot of people, but for freelancers, independent contractors, and other self-employed individuals, the tax code can be especially convoluted. Taxes for contractors can feel overwhelming, but it’s absolutely worth it for the lifestyle made possible by self-employment.