Jeremy Quist


Freelance renewable energy writer

As Covid-19 pushes business online, a digital sales strategy has never been more important.

“The innovations that many residential installers brought to their business models [continue] to pay dividends… Sales teams shifted to online and virtual sales techniques, which have proven successful for many companies.”

— Solar Energies Industry Association, on industry responses to Covid-19.


Copy That Sells

An in-depth knowledge of ad copy best practices helps your business meet its goals.

Knowledgeable Writing

An academic understanding translated into language everyone can understand.


Engaging Content

Content that will keep your audience and business prospects interested.

MS Global Technology and Development

Arizona State University
School for the Future of Innovation in Society



Turn your email list into your fan club.

Innumerable studies have shown that email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel. Effective email copy can engage your audience and increase sales like none other.

Content Marketing

SEO best practices bring your audience to you.

These are no mere blog posts. More and more businesses are coming to understand the importance of content marketing for engaging customers and building credibility.

Website Copy

For many costumers, your website is your business.

Your website needs to show who you are and what you stand for. But it also needs to perform a function: driving sales. You need copy that can do both.

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